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GLOBAL DIGITAL TIMES | TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENTS IN SPORTS - As time goes by, technological developments in sports are very rapid, as evidenced by the many changes starting from sports infrastructure, sports learning methods and others.

The development of sports technology is indeed considered very important to be used, especially in Indonesia to improve the achievements of athletes both locally and nationally. Developments and advances in sports technology are indispensable for the advancement of sports achievements.

One form of sports technology development used today is a computerized system. This means that all forms of training, development of the athlete's condition are processed through a computer system. The goal is to be able to analyze data both in terms of the ability of athletes, coaches and teams in general. So that the achievement and improvement of athletes' abilities can be reached in a very short, precise, and accurate time.

Besides that, computerized technology is also very useful fortechnological developments in sports  to communicate with sports worldwide. One of the benefits is the sports information approach, updating the methods needed and others which are of course very beneficial for the development of sports.

That is material that I can share about technological developments in sports . hopefully useful.