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Running Out of Ideas Choosing Topics in Making Posts on the Blog

Running Out of Ideas Choosing Topics in Making Posts on the Blog

Running Out of Ideas Choosing Topics in Making Posts on the Blog

GLOBAL DIGITAL TIMES | I often run out of ideas in writing new content to add to the blog. Understandably, I admit that I am a beginner blogger who is still learning to write. In fact, I deliberately created my blog with various categories, so that I can create or fill in posts with unlimited and broader subject matter. In this post I will share my experiences in tips on writing articles. Because I never ran out of ideas for choosing topics in making posts on the blog .

This is a personal experience that I have myself. When I run out of ideas for what topics or posts to post on my blog, then suddenly I get the idea of writing something very simple. "Why didn't I write about how to create an email?". Although I realize this theme may be a trivial theme. I did not expect much from the writing that I would make. Because one thing is for sure, many people have created "how to create an email" and don't need my writing. Or, there must have been many other good articles that contain this writing from bloggers or other senior writers.

But I try to ignore that. I still decided to immediately write an article about a guide on how to create an email. Then I started writing and collecting the necessary drawings.

I deliberately created a new email, with the aim that I can write concretely step by step what to do. I also did a print screen on the new email registration process that I created. The goal is for me to be able to display an image to complement each of the steps for creating a new email.

I deliberately wanted to make original writing and original pictures from what I got myself. I do not copy paste from other sites or blogs that have previously written about this topic. The goal is only so that I can make an original post from the writing and pictures that I made/obtained myself. Then I collected the best keyword research that I used in my posts using Google Adwords. And finally, I was able to finish writing about "Guide to Create or Register a New Email". There I divided it again into 2 other posts namely "create email on Google" and "create email on Yahoo".

As I said earlier, I didn't expect to get much response from my earlier writing, because the theme of the writing I made earlier seemed trivial and too basic. But unexpectedly a week later, it turned out that the post that I thought was trivial just now was in the first place, the most read post on my blog. I really didn't expect this idea to actually increase my blog visitors.

Tips for Getting Ideas to Write New Posts on the Blog
So, I learned a new lesson from this incident which is summarized below:
  • Making original and unique writing, without copying or copying and pasting from others, will actually have better results in SEO. Confidence is the key. Write whatever you want to write, it will be better if your writing can be useful for other people later.
  • Writing doesn't always have to be a heavy theme. Even simple themes can be posts that many people are looking for.
  • Looking for the appropriate keywords in the post or article that will be made, and many people are looking for it must be done with research. One of them is by using Google Adwords.
  • Looking for a theme that is becoming a trend right now is also good. Like the topic I raised "Guide on how to create an email". Currently there are many social networks that require you to have an email account to become a member, for example Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking sites. Meanwhile, social networking is a current trend that is really being liked by the public. Not infrequently people who don't know the world of the internet want to try and join social networks that are currently booming. Therefore, it's not surprising that many people who can't create emails will look for information on how to create an email guide.

So, that's my personal experience about posting on my blog. Who knows my writing can inspire you bloggers. Happy Blogging!