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How to Increase the Number of Website/Blog Visitors: 15 Latest Tips

How to Increase the Number of Website/Blog Visitors: 15 Latest Tips

How to Increase the Number of Website/Blog Visitors: 15 Latest Tips

GLOBAL DIGITAL TIMES | How do you increase or increase the number of visitors/traffic on your personal website/blog for free and quickly so that you can increase your income from your website/blog?

We can get traffic quickly and for free, but we can't get both at once, especially if the website/blog is relatively new and targets a high level of keyword competition.

If you want to get free traffic, we automatically have to work hard to get it from 1 month to 1 year of effort, depending on our niche, competition, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) skills.


Want to get a large number of visitors quickly but must be willing to pay hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah.

Select which one?

Just for the explanation, yes!

Here are 15 tips and tricks or ways to increase website/blog traffic that can be tried and applied without using additional software, which have also proven to be effective today:

How to Increase the Number of Website/Blog Visitors

A. How to increase the number of blog visitors for free, but manually & please be patient.

The first method that needs to be done requires more effort because it doesn't cost money to increase the number of website/blog visitors.

1. Register with the webmaster of each search engine

There are many search engines, but the most popular are: google, bing & yahoo, yandex, and baidu. Well, we can register any site with the webmaster, except for those that are prohibited.

Registering a site with webmasters is free and very easy to operate.

Even though users of the platform are given "privileges" (without submitting, they are still indexed) in indexing by Google, this initial step is taken so that search engines can quickly index them.main page, latest posts, edited old posts, and re-crawling our website/blog pages. It is also beneficial to get organic visitors from search engines.

For how to register a website/blog with Webmasters, you can read about it in How to Register and Submit URLs to Webmasters Google and Bing Search Engines .

2. Share each article on social media.

We can use the many available social media accounts, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others.

But when sharing, don't ever do SPAM activities! Better one day, just two articles that are shared. Or you can follow the example of advertisements made by sponsored parties in sharing on social media.

Don't be shy about sharing your website/blog even though you are still using a free subdomain, such as: blogspot, wordpress, or tumblr. Just ignore it, the important thing is that the topics that are shared are very interesting or that many people are looking for. As long as what is being shared is not HOAX content, purnomo, yudi, and topics that incite division.

Please add a share button at the end of our blog page posts, to make it easier for us to share activities to many targeted social media.

3. Create a dummy blog or PBN (Private Blog Network)

A dummy blog or PBN is an additional blog that is owned by one person. The benefit of creating a PBN is "as a booster for the SERP position of the main website/blog because the links embedded there are like backlinks". That's it, he said!

Later each PBN post can be inserted with a dofollow or nofollow link that goes to the main website/blog. Of course, don't insert too many main website/blog links, because search engines can consider it fraudulent. So, to make it look natural, insert the main website/blog link per 15-20 posts and just one link.

If you don't have a budget, you can just use a free subdomain blog, such as: .blogspot, .wordpress, .tumblr, and others.

4. Active in forums

There are two forms of forums, online and offline.

So, for those who are online, all you have to do is look for it on search engines with the keyword ' online blogger forum '. In order not to be issued unilaterally by the management, please read the TOS or the rules before you create a thread and comment.

Meanwhile, offline forums are associations of bloggers or internet marketers in each of our respective regions. You can join or join the forums. If there isn't one yet, please be the founder and invite other friends.

The benefit of joining a forum is that you can find friends in the same profession (bloggers). With their help, you can become good at managing your personal website/blog. Until finally your website/blog has managed to get a lot of visitors and "increased income" (if blogging for money).

Relax, there are many bloggers or internet marketers who are kind enough to help you in optimizing your website/blog, as long as you don't forget yourself if you are successful .

5. Embed backlinks on websites or blogs with high DA PA

This activity is not illegal or fraudulent, because in fact many website/blog owners allow other people to insert links into their websites/blogs, such as: guest writers, content placements, and others. Obviously, this is not black hat SEO, but gray hat SEO. LOL!

Getting quality backlinks helps boost content position in the SERPs, so if our posts are on page one, even in the first position, it's no wonder that our website/blog gets lots of visitors.

Some of the characteristics of quality backlinks :
  • Relevant topic
  • Old site age
  • Our link is stuck in the article
  • Their sites are not penalized by search engines
  • And others

You can use free online tools like MOZ to see the DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) scores of other people's websites/blogs.

Unfortunately, what I feel now is that backlinks are not as powerful as they used to be. It's better to create content with relevant keywords based on visitor interests, rather than busy looking for backlinks. Let the backlinks that we get are natural, that is, those that are posted by other bloggers on their website/blog without us asking them to, because our content is very high quality.

6. Write viral content.

Take a look at the Google Trends site, trending social media topics, and news on television. You can find lots of ideas and write viral content to share on your personal website/blog.

Of course this won't be so easy, you also need to implement SEO for the content and promotion (via personal social media).

7. Always Update Posts

With updates, visitors will like surfing our website/blog. They will look for a new post or another and read it. I liken it to a movie streaming site, with a large selection of films presented, they will choose and watch other films. And it's no wonder that the traffic also goes up.

8. Update Old Content

Updates are not only struggling with new content, but updating and upgrading old content is also necessary. For example, when discussing tutorials or evergreens, when the tutorial text that was presented before turns out to be no longer working, then we have to update that article with a working tutorial for now.

Just like this post, which I keep updating, don't ignore content that has been published for a long time. Especially if the content includes Evergreen topics . If previously old content contained keyword stuffing , then it's no wonder that the content is in the final position even in the sandbox on search engine pages. Please reopen and fix it now!

And of course, submit it back to search engine webmasters and share the old content on your social media.

9. Always Update the Google Algorithm

Our website/blog writing today is at the top of the SERP, but it could slump or drop drastically in the search engine base rankings tomorrow or next week. This is because there is an update to the search engine algorithm which does not know when it will be updated. So that our website/blog continues to be at the top, therefore, every day or week, please find and read the latest references regarding updated search engine algorithm news. This applies to all topics.

Why Google algorithm? Because Google is the most popular search engine in the world, and sometimes its rules and systems become a mecca for other search engines.

Also read the latest articles from many sites (as reference material) which provide tips & tricks on how to increase website/blog traffic, either in a fast way or for free.

10. Installing Internal Links

Internal links are useful when there is a discussion of posts that are similar or related to the initial post when the reader comes. So that visitors can also read the posts that we have pinned on the internal link.

On the other hand, crawler bots will also add traffic when the robot manages to enter posts on the internal link.

Creating internal links can be done automatically by using a script, or manually. Example:

11. Site Loading Access Must Be Fast

I guarantee you, you will move to another website/blog if my writing doesn't appear on your gadget screen.

And the good news is that Google makes site speed a ranking signal. Which mean; where the faster our website/blog opens, the higher the ranking of our website/blog on Google pages.

Some tips to speed up site loading are, you can compress CSS and parse JavaScript. If necessary, remove useless widgets. Don't forget to compress the size of the image before uploading it in the post.

12. SEO

Studying SEO is easy and difficult, it takes patience to master it. However, even if you have mastered it, future practice may not be the same. Simply put, SEO techniquesright now is not necessarily suitable for next month.

Let me say again, that your SEO skills must improve according to the latest search engine regulations and algorithms. But basically the goal of search engines is to provide the best service to users/visitors so that they can easily get valuable, useful, and quality information. So the site owner must take care of his blog so that it is user friendly.

Why is SEO important ? Because the site owner wants to get visits, and his business products sell well. So many of them are trying to optimize their site to appear in the first search engine rankings according to target keywords, either on their own or using SEO services.

Actually, numbers 1-11 are some of the SEO techniques.

13. Turn Written Content into a Video

Today, many people choose to watch videos rather than read writing. It is not surprising that more and more books in the library or study table are often neglected.

The most high-impact and of course free platforms today are YouTube and Instagram. Make your videos as attractive and slender as possible, but still dense with meaning and knowledge. Share the video on both platforms. Don't forget to also display the blog address in the bio or the same post link in the video description.

The more diligent you are in posting videos and displaying high quality content and images, the more your followers will increase. Of course, your channel or account can make money in the future.

B. How to increase the number of website/blog visitors quickly, but you have to pay.

The next way to increase the number of website/blog visitors is to prepare a budget, because to be honest, everything has a cost for maximum results.

14. Create a blogger contest / competition

First, determine the type of contest you want. Most existing contests only ask to review their website/blog or business products. Later there will be two assessment options; 1. SEO (ranks first in SERP according to target keywords) and 2. Quality of content (free titles as long as they are still on topic).

Second, determine the size of the prizes for the winners. Of course the number of prizes is very influential, the bigger the prize, the more people are interested in becoming participants.

Finally, make the rules of the game. For example, you can't copy paste, you have to follow fanspage on social media, share articles, provide links to our site, and other rules. You can copy the contest rules from other sites that are currently or have created blogger contests .

Of course, participants will head to our website / blog to look for review material. So, this method is legal and fast in increasing the number of website/blog visitors, but of course it's not free. Because it will cost money for the winners and big promotions.

The good thing is, we will be lucky to get backlinks from participant blogs with good DA PA.

15. Advertise on Google and Facebook

Actually, every search engine and social media has advertising services, but the most popular ones in Indonesia are Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. You can advertise on both websites. For fees you can see when you are going to advertise there.

For method number 15, I have never done this, but I got info from acquaintances who have used it, they said that the blog traffic has increased 3 times as much as before.

But remember! With paid traffic, you will lose about 80% of your traffic once the ads stop running. So, it's best if you guys need to recruit people or self-taught about this chapter.

So, those are 15 ways that you can emulate in increasing the number of website/blog visitors/traffic for free and quickly, because we are grateful that they are still working very well today. Of course these tips are still incomplete, you need other information by looking for it on other sites or guidebooks to learn blogging. You can also hire SEO services if you are always busy. Hope it is useful!