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9 Ways to Promote Blogs Offline

9 Ways to Promote Blogs Offline

9 Ways to Promote Blogs Offline

GLOBAL DIGITAL TIMES | After successfully creating a blog and having several articles, the blogger's next thought is how to promote the blog. It's easy for beginners to do this. There are ways to promote blogs online and there are ways to promote blogs offline. Please choose one.

In general, according to the reality of the field, people are much more confused by online promotions. In terms of seo blogging, there are actually other ways that are no less important, namely offline blog promotion. Imagine, with just a little effort you can promote your blog very well. Or in simple terms, telling friends, family and co-workers about your blog is a very simple way. So how do you use your social networking service?

1. Start small

At first, you can get feedback from trusted friends to review your blog. Ask trusted friends for honest feedback.

When we started, for the first three or four weeks, we only introduced him to our 5 closest friends. They need to provide a short verbal review that helps us reformat the page to make our blog better. Ask for critiques from those friends. Not all criticism is pleasant, but it can be very helpful.

2. Tell your friends and family.

If you are truly passionate about the topic of your blog, I'm sure a group of your friends will also love reading your blog. So, please share the URL of your latest blog post on Whatsapp stories and other social media.

3. Tell your co-workers and fellow enthusiasts of a particular object

The possibility is very small, especially if you write on a blog to make money from blogging activities. But on the other hand you can write down your hobby on the blog. You have other friends within a certain circle and you can take advantage of this.

4. Advertising with Groups and Associations where you are in

Are you in a study community or an industry group? Nor a group with a newsletter? Submit everything about your blog.

5. Ask friends to guest post

There are real benefits to this. The biggest benefit is that you find other writers who help your blog life. If you don't ask for help, other people will never share this story with us, and our blog will not increase articles on certain matters from guest posts.

6. Ask your friends for comments

There's nothing sadder than a blog post with no comments. People want to visit social blogs. When new people come to our blog, they feel free to comment without feeling like they are the only commenters. The more comments, the more interested people will be to comment too.

7. You invite friends on facebook/instagram/linkedin/twitter

You have more than 2000 friends on facebook, why not share your content there and invite them to your blog? For this I get 200-300 visitors per day from FB on the blog.

8. Tell people you meet in real life

Similar to number three, you need to target people who may be interested in your blog who you have never met before. This seems obvious, but was difficult for me at first. It's hard to put yourself out there and say, I have a blog. But then again, you never know who or when you might meet a new reader. If you get the chance, tell whom you are currently seeing.

9. Install a sticker on your blog's domain name

What's wrong if you order your blog domain sticker and put it on the windshield of your car and motorcycle helmet? Every traffic light stop there are about 5-10 people can read your domain.