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5 Ways to Build SEO Content in Online Business

5 Ways to Build SEO Content in Online Business

5 Ways to Build SEO Content in Online Business

GLOBAL DIGITAL TIMES | 5 Ways to Build SEO Content in Online Business –  SEO is critical in building an online business. How do you build SEO content that can attract visitors? Check out the 5 tips.

The majority of people use search engines when accessing online. Because of that everyone wants their blog or site to rank on the first page of search engines.

Even if it appears on a search engine, if it appears on the back pages, it's just a lie. An estimated 60pct of visitors land on the first page of search engine results. The rest continue on the next page. So the further back the blog appears, the less likely it is that visitors will come from there.

Therefore, building content that is in line with what search engines want is very critical. This content is called SEO content. SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

So, you have to create content that meets SEO rules, so that later the content can appear on the first page of search engine results.

° 1 Understand Visitors

Even though it is related to machines, to be exact, search engines, but those who do searches are humans. Therefore, you must understand the will and preferences of people who are looking for information on these search engines.

What is the purpose of understanding visitors?

First, create information according to their needs. If the information matches what you are looking for, it is certain that visitors will be happy and feel at home on the site.

Second, write in a language style that suits visitors. This is to ensure that the information is conveyed properly.

° 2 Keyword Research

Search engines provide results based on keywords or keywords submitted by visitors or information seekers.

If a site doesn't have information about those keywords, search engines won't show your site in search results.

So understanding keywords is very important. This also relates to point #1 that in order to understand the keywords your visitors are using, you have to understand them.

° 3 Write for Humans

Your readers are human. Then write for humans.

Even though there are many rules regarding how to write SEO, writing something that is easy to read is far more important.

In addition, search engines have become increasingly sophisticated. They can understand the article well.

Therefore, write for humans. Don't write for the machine.

° 4 Understand Basic On-Page

Because it relates to machines, a number of provisions regarding how to write and SEO techniques must be understood and followed properly.

There are a number of things that are technically important for writing SEO articles, including:

  • Title tags. This must be filled in with the main keyword listed in it. There is already a plugin that helps write title tags well.
  • Meta description. It appears in search results as a summary of your article. This can increase clicks to your website if used properly.
  • Generally, the website URL appears automatically, made the same as your article title. Better to use a modified URL, namely: containing the main keyword, not too long and does not contain prepositions.
  • In each article, try to use headings (H2 and H3) to make it easier to read and provide clues to search engines regarding the structure of our articles.
  • The following are examples of two blogs that apply the on-page technique well, first: a blog about online cupcakes and a blog about financial plans .

° 5 Take advantage of Social Media

Almost everyone plays social media now. take advantage of it.

After posting the article, you can share the post on social media. So that friends can share with other friends.

If the article is good and interesting, it can go viral and of course increase your visitor volume.

Search engines are the main source of visitors. Therefore you must be able to create content that is in accordance with the wishes of search engines.