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Women's Accessories Business Opportunity

Women's Accessories Business Opportunity

GLOBAL DIGITAL TIMES | Women's Accessories Business Opportunity - Women's accessories and other women's knick-knacks are things that can't be separated from women's lives. Many women are even willing to spend deeply just to get a variety of women's accessories that cost exorbitantly. This is soft ground for those of us who want to do business with fast turnover. Women's accessories business.

Women's Accessories - Be a Manufacturer or Reseller?

When we decide to do women's accessories business, we will be faced with two choices, namely to become a producer or a reseller. Producers mean we produce women's accessories ourselves and also label them according to what we want. Meanwhile, being a reseller means we resell existing items. Each option has advantages and disadvantages.

Manufacturer of Women's Accessories

The following are the advantages and disadvantages if we choose to become a manufacturer of women's accessories, namely:

Pros of Being a Manufacturer of Women's Accessories

We can use the name of the women's accessories label that suits us, so that when one day our business grows rapidly, the brand we have created will be imprinted in the minds of the people. We also have high selling prices for women's accessories, for example franchises .

If number one happens, the benefits we will get will certainly be far greater than just being a reseller.

We can create various women's accessories as we like without having to be afraid of other parties.

Disadvantages of Being a Manufacturer of Women's Accessories.

Are we creative or talented people in this field. If only half measures, of course it will be difficult because we have many competitors. Consumers of women's accessories are directly proportional to competitors. This is the reality. And are we capable enough to be creative?

Because the women's accessories products we sell don't have a name, of course, hard work is needed. We must introduce to the public about our products. We must have the courage to compete with other existing and well-known women's accessories products first. Not infrequently, our efforts experience various failures. Or even if it works, our target misses, from what was originally targeting a certain class of women it turns out that what we get is school children.

We must have an unyielding spirit to become a producer. This includes the mental resilience when our products do not sell well in the market or are unable to compete with others.

Women's Accessories Reseller

As for when we choose to become a reseller of women's accessories, the advantages and disadvantages that we will get are as follows:

Pros of Being a Reseller of Women's Accessories

  • We don't need to bother introducing products because all we do is sell.
  • We can choose women's accessories products that already have names, so that the profit we will get will be large and the turnover of money can also be fast.
  • We are not burdened with brand names or other related matters.
  • Disadvantages of Being a Reseller of Women's Accessories

Our position is reseller, so we have no right to sell women's accessories on a  franchise basis . The profit we get is also not too big when compared in that case.

We do not have the right to change the shape of the women's accessories that we will sell because if we do that, the owner of the women's accessories may sue us.
Which will we choose? Everything depends on us. If we are among those who want to make quick profits up front, maybe the choice of becoming a reseller  of women's accessories is a good thing. However, if we are the type of person who thinks long term, then the choice to become a manufacturer of women's accessories is the best. Or we can go both ways, for example we become resellers of women's accessories first to learn everything related to women's accessories, from the shape to the marketing techniques. And after we got enough knowledge, we switched professions to become women's accessories manufacturers.

Maximizing the Offline and Online World for the Women's Accessories Business

After we decide whether to become a reseller or manufacturer of women's accessories, what we do next is to maximize the distribution or marketing process of women's accessories. There are two ways we can do to market women's accessories, namely offline and online . Each has its own priorities

Offline. Offline marketing is also called conventional marketing. Most of us already know this offline marketing . The things we usually do in offline marketing are:

Marketing our products to the communities we follow. For this reason, we have to join many communities, for example: PKK women, communities that suit our hobbies, dharma women, social gatherings, gymnastics, and the like.
  • Leave our women's accessories products in shops or supermarkets.
  • Selling it to the people closest to us and the location closest to our house.
  • Opened a shop specializing in women's accessories. If we have enough capital, why don't we just open a women's accessories shop. Even though this is a little difficult for us to apply when we are just starting a business, especially if the location we choose is not strategic.
  • Diligent follow bazaar events . Usually at book bazaars women's accessories are also sold. Let's register the book bazaar that will be held in the city where we live. We can follow the bazaar. If we feel we don't have enough capital, then we can join our other friends.
  • On line. Meanwhile, in online marketing , what we can do is:

Utilizing all social networks such as: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Blog, and Kaskus. Nowadays almost no one who does not know the social networking sites above. Even if the person is less slang, they must know the name Facebook. So, marketing women's accessories products through friendship sites is considered very effective.

Create Fanpages . Initially just create an account. But when the enthusiasm of our friends is so burning for the products we sell, we will then create a Fanpage.

Always updating information about our women's accessories products.
Joining business-related groups to hone our instincts.

Forms of Women's Accessories

Women's accessories have a variety of models and shapes. We can sell everything or specifically for certain groups. For example, we specifically sell women's accessories for women with headscarves, offices, housewives, or socialites. But we can also sell all women's accessories for anyone. The range of women's accessories that we can choose from are:

  • Brooch
  • Ring
  • Necklace
  • Bracelet
  • Pin
  • Bag hanger,  etc
Women's accessories are one of the jewelry that is in great demand by women. If we are interested in doing business why not choose a business whose market share is clear. However, there are a number of things that we must pay attention to, for example, we choose a reseller or manufacturer of women's accessories. Then, what kinds of women's accessories products will we sell, and how to sell them. Good luck