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𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐈𝐦𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 Company's Vision and Mission

The Importance of the Company's Vision and Mission

GLOBAL DIGITAL TIMES | The Importance of the Company's Vision and Mission - The vision and mission of the company is one element of completeness that must exist and be owned by a healthy company. This is because these two components are the direction and are used as guidelines for all decision-making processes that the company wants to carry out.

By definition, the company's vision and mission are two different things. However, in practice the two things complement and complement each other so that a company can have a strong character and focused work processes.

In general, the company's vision is defined as a sentence structure which contains the ideals or hopes that the company wants to achieve in the future. In other words, a vision is a statement from the company, what it wants to be like and how it will be in the future.

In real implementation, the vision is realized through the creation of products or services provided to consumers, needs that can be overcome, market segments to be achieved and value to be obtained as well as input and future expectations.

The vision must be able to show its effectiveness so that it is easily understood by everyone in the company. An effective vision will have characteristics such as:

  • Conceivable or imaginable
  • Able to attract the attention of everyone in the company
  • It is realistic and achievable
  • Be clear.
  • Aspirational and able to adapt to existing changes.
  • Easy to understand.
So what benefits can a company get by creating a vision for their company? In general, there are three advantages that companies can get by making this vision. These three things include:

  • As a medium to unify the goals, direction and goals of the company.
  • As a basis for companies to utilize and allocate the resources they have along with their control processes.
  • To form and build a corporate culture or corporate culture.

Company Mission

In addition to the vision, companies must also determine the mission they want to achieve in their work process. In general, the mission is defined as a reason why the company exists. So that the mission is the basis for the formation of a company.

According to Peter F Drucker, mission is defined as a fundamental reason for the emergence of an organization. Thus, through the company's mission we can see the limits and objectives of the activities of the business carried out by the company, so that mission determination is also an attempt to realize an activity where a company will create products and services whose quality meets the needs, desires and expectations of its consumers .

In the mission of a product or service created by the company, it must be able to determine the market and segments to be served. Likewise regarding the system for creating products and services, it must be determined through the company's mission. In other words, the mission can be used as a medium for companies to choose their way of working in an effort to produce products or services for customer satisfaction.

A management figure, Wheelen mentioned his own definition of the meaning of mission. According to Wheelen, mission is a composition of sentences, which contains the purpose or reason for the existence of a company. Where in the mission contains what things must be fulfilled by the company to consumers, both in the form of products and services according to the type of company.

From some understanding of the mission definition above, it can be seen that the mission becomes a compass that will guide the company in determining the direction and show the right path in the business world that the company faces at a certain time. The mission of this company is made with the aim of informing all parties related to the company or stakeholders, both from within the company and outside the company. The information you want to provide is about the reason for a company being founded and where the company is going after it was founded.

Under these conditions, a good mission must be conveyed in a language and agreement that can be understood and felt by all components related to the company. The goal is that all these stakeholders can participate and work hand in hand to help the company achieve the mission it wants to achieve.

In compiling a company mission, there are several things that must be passed. Some of these stages include:

  • Carry out the process of extracting ideas by collecting a few words that are considered the most capable of showing the condition of the company.
  • Prioritize and focus on a few words that are considered the most important.
  • Do a combination of words that have been selected in the form of sentences or paragraphs that can be a picture of a company's mission.
  • Process these words so that they become the most appropriate sentence that is able to show the condition of the company.
Apart from having to be determined through a fairly detailed process, a company mission must be able to look good. This is because considering the function of the company's mission will be a guide for the company to determine its strategy. Some things that must be done to be able to make a company mission that looks good include:

  • Missions must be made in a broad language . In other words, it can be applied for a long time since the mission was made.
  • Delivered in a specific language so that it can become a medium of communication.
  • The mission must be clear and focus on the advantages possessed by a company.
  • Missions must not contain jargon or sentences that have no meaning.

Relationship between Company Vision and Mission and Strategy

After the company's vision and mission have been prepared, these two things must become a guideline for the company to determine the company's strategy. This should not be reversed, where the company's strategy is prepared first and then determines the vision and mission of the company.

When this happens, the strategy that is made usually becomes less effective because it will lead to divisions in the commitment and direction and goals of everyone in the company. This condition is caused, everyone will have a different vision and mission in view of their company.

In the process of communicating the vision, the role of a leader will be very important in this regard. the process of conveying the company's vision and mission by a leader can be done by:

  • Education, namely by creating everyone's understanding of the vision and mission of the company.
  • Authentication, namely by creating confidence in everyone that between words and deeds there must be harmony and conformity.
  • Motivation, namely creating a will in the souls of employees , that in every action they take must be in harmony with what is the purpose and commitment of the company.
  • Repetition, namely the process of conveying the vision and mission can be more easily understood if it is conveyed many times.
  • Multiple Forums, namely by conveying the company's vision and mission not only in one media. However, in various media, the company's vision and mission must always be conveyed. Such as at meetings, memos or also on company bulletin boards.