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GLOBAL DIGITAL TIMES | THE IMPORTANCE OF WARMING BEFORE EXERCISE - Doing sports activities is indeed very easy because basically sports are body movements, meaning body movements. But you need to remember that doing sports irregularly and aimlessly will be in vain and can even pose a risk of injury. Therefore you must know that it is important to warm up before exercising.

Warming up before exercise is also very easy, but it's also not easy to do. Because warming up is so important, how to do it must be in accordance with the sport you are doing. for example: you play soccer, so before exercising you warm up by increasing the movement of the legs. 

The importance of warming up before exercising aims to prepare muscles, joints, bones, and other body parts that might move when you exercise. The benefits of heating itself are enormous, such as preventing the risk of injury, increasing performance, making the body more flexible and elastic, helping the body relax more. This means that by warming up before exercising, blood circulation will flow to the muscles properly so that they are ready for greater activity.

Warming up before exercising doesn't have to be difficult, doesn't need help from others, and doesn't have to cost money. You just have to move or pull the body parts in an orderly and light manner, such as pulling your head from top to bottom, right side to left. pulling the top hand down, the right side to the left, and so on up to the feet. Also do dynamic movements such as jogging, light aerobics, and jogging in place and low jumping. Until our body sweats and feels ready for the exercise it will do.

As a note from me, whatever form of exercise you choose, warm up properly. Warming up before exercise is very important to prepare muscles and joints to be better prepared as well as to avoid the risk of possible injury.

That's material that I can share about the importance of warming up before exercising, hopefully it's useful.