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GLOBAL DIGITAL TIMES | SPORTS HEALTH SCIENCES - Do we agree if someone says exercise is healthy? the answer is yes, because basically good sports are very healthy.

Here I will explain about the science of sports health, what kinds of sports can make our bodies healthy. In essence, what is meant by sports activities is the movement of limbs. so health will always be in our bodies if all our limbs can move and can be moved properly.

Meaning Sports health science is a science that maintains movement in the body to maintain life and improve the quality of movement for quality of life.

Healthy exercise category is exercise that is easy, cheap, useful. So as to produce solid movement, stress-free, short and fun. Examples of sports in question are jogging, long distance walking, and swimming.

This category of sports health science can be done by anyone and anywhere. From young children, adults to parents can do it. So is there still a reason for us not to exercise?? Let's take good care of our bodies through sports.

That's a little material that I can share hopefully useful.