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GLOBAL DIGITAL TIMES | SPORTS COACHING SCIENCE - The science of sports coaching is the science that studies the growth of athletes which is applied to the formation of athletes from training programs to diet and lifestyle.

So here I will try to explain what sports coaching is, the scope of sports coaching, and what a coach does in shaping his athletes to become professionals.

As the opening above, we already know that the science of sports coaching is a science whose goal is to make athletes become professionals. However, not all coaches are successful in bringing their athletes to become professionals. Of course, there are many factors that can be the cause, which can be from the facility factor, the athlete factor, the opportunity factor, and the coach factor itself, which cannot develop the potential of the athlete.

So you can imagine being a trainer is not easy! then what if we want to become a coach? Of course there are many ways that we can learn, one of which is in this sports coaching science article.

The things that must be mastered by a coach must at least master his knowledge and know his goals. For example: The coach must arrive early, start and end training must be in accordance with the program made and on time, take specific approaches to athletes so that athletes feel calm, vary training so that the program does not saturate athletes, provide an understanding of the rules the rules in the game broadly, the coach must be able to place talented and non-talented players, and finally the coach must be able to utilize existing facilities and infrastructure.

That's a little that I can share about the science of sports coaching, so next, how are you interested in becoming a coach? make your choice now.