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GLOBAL DIGITAL TIMES | SCOPE OF SPORTS MEDICINE - Scope of Sports Medicine/Sports Medicine. Sports health is a collection of sciences that discusses all health problems related to sports. This means that the scope of sports medicine/ sports medicine is closely related to medical science which aims to maintain the health of athletes.

In this discussion, good sports will explore the scope of sports health, sports medicine to develop physical health in general and develop physical health in particular. I have simplified the results of studies from various sources into 3 important parts, namely the scope which includes physical, spiritual, and environmental aspects.

1. Physical aspects

In the physical aspect, the scope of sports health plays a very clear role, because this aspect is the beginning of all forms of coaching. From the physical aspect, a coach or teacher can analyze and know from the start the growth and development of an athlete, analyze the anatomy of the body so that the coach or teacher can guess the development of the athlete in its branches. The scope of sports health also cannot be separated from prevention efforts such as prevention of sports injuries, which can be analyzed and efforts to heal injuries through the massage method.

2. Spiritual and social aspects

. This aspect is closely related to the self-confidence factor. this is also related to sport psychology, sport pedagogoy, and sport sociology.

3. Environmental aspects

This aspect is very influential on the development of athletes. The scope of sports health is closely related to environmental aspects. This aspect can appear in the athlete when he is aroused by his environment.

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