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GLOBAL DIGITAL TIMES | BENEFITS OF EXERCISE FOR EARLY CHILDREN - The Benefits of Sports for Early Childhood. Early childhood is a very valuable asset for its development. At this age, the role of introducing sports is very necessary to support their physical and mental abilities. For early childhood is a golden opportunity to learn so it is also called the golden age.

Exercise is not only beneficial for health, losing weight for adults, or keeping fit. But sport also has a myriad of benefits, especially for early childhood. Now, on this occasion, good sports will share about the benefits of sports for early childhood which is quite important, especially for children's motor development.

In implementing sports for early childhood the target that must be achieved is not an achievement or readiness to compete, but how the child develops with all his movements so that it is not the result that becomes the benchmark but the process that you need to apply. In this period (early childhood) what is needed is joy, recognition, and purposeful motion activity. Therefore, if you are a sports teacher or sports coach, you do not need to emphasize mastery of techniques or competition rules for early childhood. 

The benefits of exercise for early childhood will be felt by itself as their lives grow. Because if the application of sports leads to the formation of achievements, it is possible that at that time it will be achieved, but future developments, especially growth, will be disrupted and even difficult to grow optimally.

In contrast to the application which prioritizes the coaching process in stages and prioritizes children's joy, maybe the process is a little long but the end result will be extraordinary. In time, children will not only achieve achievements that were built early on but also other benefits they will feel such as improved health. , intelligence, sportsmanship, self-confidence, discipline and good cooperation.

That's a little material that good sports can share about the benefits of sports for early childhood, hopefully it's useful.