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GLOBAL DIGITAL TIMES | RULES IN PENCAK SILAT MATCHES - Rules in Pencak Silat Competitions. In competitions, especially pencak silat, of course we have to know the rules and regulations for competing. The goal is for the match to run well so as not to cause disputes or differences of opinion.

In this article, I will post about the rules for pencak silat matches. So what kind of rules are used in pencak silat matches? let's find out together.

Competition Terms

That is a pencak silat match followed by 2 participants facing each other to beat each other.
Pencak silat matches are divided into 3 rounds, with each round having 2 minutes, and a 1 minute break between rounds.
Pencak silat matches are led by 1 referee and 5 judges.

Victory conditions

If the match ends in 3 rounds and the judge wins the one of the Pesilat with the most number of points then the match is won by winning on points.
If a Pesilat cannot continue the bout because he declares that he cannot continue or the athlete's condition makes it impossible to compete, the victory will be given to the opponent on the basis of winning technique.
If the opponent falls due to a valid attack and within 10 seconds is unable to fight again, victory will be awarded to the winner on the basis of absolute victory.
If the opponent gets the second to third warning then the win is awarded on the basis of a win by disqualification 

Legal provisions for fighters

If a Pesilat commits a minor violation, a warning will be given. In the case of this warning the referee will usually reduce the value of the fighter himself.
Disqualification will be given by the referee if the Pesilat gets the third warning. Such as committing a serious violation pushing the opponent to injury.

  • Scoring provisions
  • A value of 1 is given to a fighter if a punch is scored.
  • Score 2 if a foot attack hits the target.
  • Score 3 if the fighter is able to drop the opponent.  
  • Score 4 if the fighter succeeds in dropping and locking the opponent.

Note: According to the rules of pencak silat, not all members of our body may be attacked. The parts of the body that cannot be attacked are the neck, waist and genitals. While the rest from there can be attacked.

That's about preparation hopefully useful.