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GLOBAL DIGITAL TIMES | CIKALONG FLOW PENCASILAT MARTIAL ARTS SPORTS - The Cikalong Flow of Pencak Silat Martial Arts. Pencak silat is a type of martial arts sport that was born from cultural developments. Pencak Silat is one of the typical Indonesian sports which consists of local culture that grows and develops.

The sport of pencak silat martial arts has streams that are very related to one another, one of which is the Cilakong school. A brief history of this tradition was developed by the Hajj Ibrahim sportsman (Rd. Djajaperbata). Previously, Rd.H.Ibrahim studied with his brother-in-law, namely Rd, Ateng Alimudin in Jatinegara, then continued to beng Ma'ruf (Tanah Abang Jakarta) and bang Kari (Benteng Tangerang).

The lesson from the teacher was then processed again by Rd. H. Ibrahim went through a process of khalwat (contemplation) in a cave in the village of Jelebud, on the edge of the Cikundul river, Cianjur. Because of that, the Cikalong martial artist was born. The name of this stream is taken from the name of the residence of Rd. H. Ibrahim or the initial place of the spread of this flow.

Initially the spread of cikalong flow was not so fast, this was due to various things. First, Rd.H.Ibrahim was very selective in choosing students, allegedly because he was worried about the misuse of martial arts which was very dangerous. The pencak silat schools that are influenced by the cikalong school include the cikaret and salanika schools, while the colleges that study this school include the Cikalong heritage paguron (PPC) Cianjur, the siliwangi heritage paguron, the golden pager and others.

Some of the moves that are very well known and powerful are: Suliwa, stacking, pocket, drawstring, five moves and others. These moves have very extraordinary abilities whose core objectives are studying the opponent's character, measuring the opponent's strength, and knowing the opponent's feelings. This third part in particular needs very serious practice because one person's personal experience is different from another person.

That's a glimpse of the Cikalong martial arts sport that I can convey, hopefully it's useful.