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GLOBAL DIGITAL TIMES | GOLF STICK HOLDING TECHNIQUE IS GOOD AND CORRECT - Techniques for Holding a Good and Correct Golf Stick. If we hear the name of the sport of golf, try what is on your mind?? of course we will definitely say sports are rich people right? If we observe and pay attention to the sport of golf it looks very easy and tends to be boring. Even if you know the sport of golf, not only does the energy expended but the mind is also very drained because it requires very full concentration.

Now, on this occasion I will share about how to hold a good and correct golf atick, hopefully it can make it easier for you when learning to play golf. wow the way to hold it must be correct huh...

1. The technique of holding a golf club that is good and right is the first. Keep the grip (grip stick) in your left hand in a crosswise manner, and the base of the grip is in the palm of your left side, downwards and obliquely up to the joint of the second part of your index finger. then hold it gently, not hard and not soft (relax). note the pedestal of your grip is in the center of the ring finger and middle finger. Remember to position your grip like a V-shaped straight with the head club (head stick).

2. Then the right hand slowly grasps from the bottom with the little finger between the middle and index fingers of the left hand. Then gently grip the left hand on the V and form a new V with the right hand and make a shaft (stem stick). Remember don't be afraid of your grip being released when you swing. if the technique of holding the golf club is good and correct, it will definitely not come loose and will not loosen.

3. If you have done a series of techniques earlier then you are ready to swing (swing the stick) properly and correctly.

Now, is the grip that you do when playing golf correct? please rate and feel for yourself. Hopefully this good and correct golf club holding technique material is useful and becomes one of your practice references. Thank You.