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GLOBAL DIGITAL TIMES | A Brief History of Squash Sports Development - Each branch or type of sport certainly has a pedigree or history of the formation of that sport. The same goes for squash, which has recently become popular among sports lovers and practitioners. So, this time, Good Sports will discuss a little about the history of the development of the sport of squash until it entered Indonesia and became popular.

A brief history of the development of squash begins in the 19th century a schoolboy in the Fleet Prison area of ​​London, England in 1820. Although born in England, squash was officially founded by the United States in 1907 under the name Unaited States Squash Rackuets Association. Meanwhile, in England itself, it was only formed in 1928 under the name Squash Rackets Association. 

In Indonesia itself, the sport of squash has actually been known since World War II ended, to be precise in 1948 the British army was the first to build a squash court in Indonesia which is located in Embong Sawo Surabaya. But at that time, only officers with the rank of general were allowed to play squash. Even until 1978 only foreigners played squash in Indonesia.

In 1981, Indonesia succeeded in holding a squash championship thanks to the services of a nation's son who was also the forerunner of the popularity of squash, namely Bambang Gatot Subroto. Only four pemda are members of PSRSI (All-Indonesian Squash Racket Association). In 1995, PSI (Indonesian Squash Association) was formed and its existence was recognized by the central KONI.

The development of squash sports continues until now. almost every championship, from local to national and even international, squash is always included. So that's a brief history of the development of the sport of squash that I can share, hopefully it's useful. Please open the next page for other materials.