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GLOBAL DIGITAL TIMES | DEFINITION OF ACHIEVEMENT SPORTS AND SPORTS DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM - Greetings sports!! . Talking about sports, of course we will focus on several sports. However, on this occasion I will explain a little about the definition of sports and sports coaching systems. 

My friends, there are many sources and opinions that explain the definition of achievement sports and sports coaching systems,  which in essence, achievement sports are sports that foster and develop an athlete or team in a planned, tiered, and sustainable manner through competition to achieve achievements with the support of science and technology. sports. While sports coaching is a nursery system that involves individual athletes in self-professional development through a predetermined system with the aim of achievement. 

In this case, the government through the ministry of youth and sports and related administrators has issued its authority that the development of sports is carried out through two channels, namely, the first route is through the education route, which is coordinated by the Ministry of National Education, and the second is the development of sports through the community channel which has been implemented for this is coordinated by the Indonesian National Sports Committee ( KONI ). 

The definition of sports achievement and the sports coaching system  is indeed not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, many problems are faced and even lead to failure. This cannot be separated from many factors, for example, sports policy factors, athletes' physical conditions, coaching, and development factors. However, the things listed above are not difficult to build if all parties involved can run parallel and in the same direction in order to build the expected sporting achievements.

That's the discussion about the definition of sports achievement and sports coaching systems  that I can share, hopefully it can add insight to all of us.