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6 Signs that might Indicate you're Depressed

6 signs that might indicate you're depressed

Global Digital Times | 6 signs that might indicate you're depressed - Have you ever struggled with a heavy burden or sadness that you just couldn't seem to shake off? Have you ever felt less enthusiastic and less cheerful in carrying out your days? It is very important to see and realize that you are actually experiencing symptoms of depression. 

Depression is a mental health disorder in which a person affected by a depressive disorder tends to be characterized by changes in mood, lack of interest and lack of enthusiasm in carrying out daily life. 

People affected by depression will always be shrouded in sadness and a feeling of discouragement. This depressive disorder is experienced by many adults and the triggers are very diverse, ranging from work, relationships and other social problems. For us it is very important to know the characteristics that might indicate we are experiencing depression.
Here are 6 characteristics that might indicate you are experiencing depression  

1. Lazy to do activities

Have you ever lost your passion or the things you used to love so much? You may not realize that activities you used to enjoy, such as singing, reading, playing soccer or even hanging out with friends, are no longer so enjoyable. You even now, may have stopped doing all these activities and the problem is that you don't realize it because of depression you have depression

Depression is often accompanied by a loss of interest or pleasure in activities that the person normally enjoys. You may not realize it. Because of this depression problem, all the activities that used to make you smile disappear and you prefer to withdraw from your old world.

2. Always feel worthless and useless

Depression tends to involve feelings of worthlessness and excessive guilt. You might blame yourself for small things, for example you haven't been able to make your parents happy, what actually happened is you were still small and it wasn't the time or maybe you were rejected when you applied for a job, basically you tried but you blamed yourself. Alone.

Or another example, for example, you might think of yourself as the only reason for breaking up with your boyfriend, even though it's your partner who actually has faults. In everyday situations, you will feel useless and think your life is not important. 

Whatever the case, you will continue to judge yourself. Without you realizing it, you will spend a lot of time thinking about negative things about what you consider to be failures and shortcomings in yourself. In fact, your mind is actually depressed. 

3. Likes to Avoid

Negative thoughts and feelings that are accompanied by depression can make it difficult for you to live your life and of course it is very difficult to control. As a result, you may try to run away or try to avoid the feelings you are experiencing.

Feelings of depression will make you prefer to be alone and prefer to shut yourself up even if you don't want to socialize with the environment and the people closest to you, the impact it causes has a big influence on your social life and your future because every time someone approaches you, you tend to bring up unpleasant feelings.

4. Decreased appetite

You may not realize that your appetite has changed drastically. It's important to take a moment to evaluate whether you've eaten or not. Have you lost your appetite lately? maybe you eat less or maybe eat because you have to?. 

On the other hand depression makes a person able to change and reduce their appetite by up to 50% or more and all of this will have an impact on your health, most people who are deperi will be hungry easily but they have less appetite, the impact is bad for depressed people who have no appetite is going to lose weight.

5. Changes in Body Movement

Just as appetite can change, the body affected by depression can also change, in this case, its movement, and without you realizing it, you don't know it at all.

A person who is affected by depressive symptoms will slow down their body movements, they don't even have any intention of carrying out any activity. You may not realize it, but the people closest to you like family, friends or girlfriends will know it.

Basic actions like walking, getting out of bed, writing or working like you may take longer to do all of them because you become slow and disinterested. But conversely, people affected by depression will also experience feelings of anxiety. Without even realizing the anxiety they experience, such as pacing back and forth or wringing their hands 

6. Loss of concentration

Another thing that you may not be aware of is the decreased ability to focus. Depression makes it easy for a person to lose focus and make ambiguous and arbitrary decisions. This can affect your various daily activities.

A small example is that you prefer to procrastinate and cannot complete tasks or problems that are actually small and trivial problems and you also find it very difficult to fully concentrate on doing work. if you experience symptoms like these, start to find out early and you can consult a specialist.