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5 Reasons Why You Feel Less Happy 𝐈𝐧 𝐋𝐢𝐟𝐞

5 Reasons Why You Feel Less Happy In Life

Global Digital Times | 5 Reasons Why You Feel Less Happy In Life - Do you feel unhappy in life? Do you always feel sad when you actually don't know what caused it? Everyone has experienced an unhappy life with the causative factors starting from work, friends, family, partner and the economy and this is very fatal if left unchecked because it will greatly affect mental health.

Sometimes the factors above make you feel sad all the time and of course it is very difficult to find reasons why you can feel not so happy and cheerful as you want. There are many signs that can explain why you don't feel happy. Here are 5 reasons why you don't feel happy in your life.

1. You Are Not Alive In The Moment

Thinking about things that you don't know excessively like what to do tomorrow, what you want to be and what will happen later. Thinking about things like that all day long can make you depressed and lead to other mental health disorders, especially when you think about it at night. before going to bed will keep you from waking up feeling refreshed and energized again.

If you always think about the future and the past all the time, it's the same as you will make your mind worse and it will have an impact on your mental health, stop thinking about things that hurt you in the past or thinking about things you don't know about in the future. On the one hand, happiness has a lot to do with living in the moment. The brain doesn't really know the difference between the emotion you are feeling right now, and the emotion you relive in your mind will quickly affect you.

What you do with negative thoughts you can do with positive thoughts too. You can think of something really wonderful that happened to you, how you met someone really nice or you had a great day with the person you care about. 

2. Always think of yourself as the cause of the problem

Sometimes everyone can't stop blaming himself. people who feel their lives are unhappy will always ask themselves "what's wrong with me or what's wrong with me?" But the reality is that it's not entirely because of you but you prefer to judge yourself without considering that there are actually other people who are causing you to be unhappy.

The best way not to blame yourself or stop thinking of yourself as the cause of problems is to always think that as long as you are alive you have given positive things in your life, stop thinking negatively and if you think it will always affect you all the time which can cause you to not happy. If you see yourself as a victim or a cause of trouble, it's like you're making yourself a victim a second time because you're degrading yourself.

3. You can't be alone

In this case, you really need someone to accompany your days. When you are alone you will feel as if life is not happy, or for example in a relationship you are experiencing a breakup with your partner who you really really love, then you will feel discouraged, mood down, no appetite and less active in carrying out activities. .

This is why some people who have broken up quickly find a replacement partner, because even being with the wrong person is at least better than being with no one. If you understand yourself first, you will be able to understand others better. You will know about your needs and expectations and you will understand why certain people act the way they do to you

4. Your body and soul are not getting what they need

Overall, if you feel sad, feel bored, feel unhappy, it is likely that your body is not getting things that make you fresh again, such as you don't get enough sleep, you don't have enough affection, you don't have enough vacations, you don't get a salary from your boss and so on.

It's the same as the stomach that must be filled with food, your body and soul also need to be refreshed so that you can live the life that you should get, so from now on take your time to meet the needs of your body and soul.

5. Your Emotions Always Control You

In this case, negative emotions. If your mind is influenced by excessive negative emotions, it is certain that your life will be very unhappy. A small example is that little by little you will take heart with other people's words or get easily offended and you decide you don't want to be friends or even isolate yourself and that will make your life unhappy.