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GLOBAL DIGITAL TIMES | WALL TENNIS SCOPE (SQUASH) - Wall Tennis Scope (Squash). Exercising is a necessity for every human being who craves healthy performance. From the most difficult sport to the easiest sport. from the most well-known sports to well-known or even slightly unique sports.

In this article, the author will discuss a little about the scope of squash or wall tennis. You could say that this sport is not very common, the fans are not that many, but if we look at playing squash, it is very fun and enjoyable. Squash sports have little in common with tennis in general, where tennis is played directly facing players against players, while squash is played by bouncing off the wall. In other words, play squash against a wall. although basically the same opponent.

Now, let's check a little about what is squash? Squash or wall tennis is a kind of racquet sport originating from England. Played by two players who reciprocally hit a ball that bounces off the wall in a closed room. By using a special ball, the two players continue to hit each other (rally) which is directed to the corner of the wall until one of the players fails to return the ball. which means the player is declared to have lost.

Playing squash requires very good stamina and a very strong and energetic physical condition, of course, why not have a squash court which has a relatively small size, which is only 9.75m x 4.6m, indoors so that energy in the body is drained very quickly? .

So now you can try squash . For those of you who want to try a new atmosphere in sports, maybe this squash or tennis wall is perfect for you to try. Finding a squash court for today is not difficult, because you can come to places that provide gym services or fitness flashlights , they are usually there. Or if you are in big cities, now there are many places that provide special squash flashlights.

That's an explanation of the scope of squash or wall tennis that I can convey, hopefully it can be useful. please open another page for other material.