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GLOBAL DIGITAL TIMES | TECHNIQUES FOR REDUCING TENSION AND ANXIETY IN SPORTS - Techniques for Reducing Tension and Anxiety in Sports. Tension and anxiety often alight on every athlete or sports actor when they compete in either official or ordinary matches so that tension or anxiety can affect performance.

There are several techniques for reducing tension and anxiety that might be used as your reference in competing.

1. Jacobson's technique
which teaches the importance of matches in the minds of athletes, and reduces the threat of penalties for athletes if they fail.

2. Yakobson's progressive muscle technique
control the system of the muscles that aim to reduce tension. Thus, the athlete can control his motion. Thus the ability to control emotions is determined by the ability to control the muscular system.

3. Autogenic Relaxation Technique
Gives a function to itself. At the beginning, namely by giving instructions to yourself.

4. Breathing Exercises
Namely doing a deep and slow inhalation, so that the exhalation that was fast or rises gradually.

5. Meitation
Should be done in a closed and quiet room. and free from any disturbance.

6. Training Models
Creating training models as an effort to manage tension and anxiety.

7. Focusing Technique
That is to focus on the match that will be lived at that time.

8. Individual approach technique
The closeness of the athlete to the coach is very decisive. The coach invited the athletes and had a heart to heart talk.

9. Habituation
Trained athletes familiarize themselves with competition situations and assume  
every match is non-existent or mediocre

10. Special Techniques
This technique is very commonly applied by using media such as listening to music, getting closer to the creator, and providing sufficient and sincere understanding. so that the athlete feels forgetting the tension.

That's a little material about techniques to reduce tension and anxiety in exercising, hopefully it's useful.