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How to Profitable Gold Investment

How to Profitable Gold Investment

How to Profitable Gold Investment

GLOBAL DIDITAL TIMES | Some of you may be wondering, how, anyway, is a profitable gold investment ? As we know, the benefits of investing in gold are not as big as investing in stocks or deposits. However, if you are observant in seeing opportunities, you can be sure that the gold you have will generate big profits.

Moreover, the price of gold rarely decreases, what is there is actually crawling up every day. So, for those of you who want to invest in gold and get maximum profits, try to find out the following profitable gold investment methods.

Buy gold when it is cheap enough and sell it when it goes up

Both ANTAM's gold bars and gold in the form of jewelry have the same value. So that the gold investment that you run generates multiple profits, try applying classic gold investment techniques. The purpose of this technique is to buy gold when the price is quite cheap and sell it when it has gone up with a large enough selling difference.

This technique also applies to those of you who invest in gold online or invest in gold at pawnshops. In fact, this technique has often been used by ancient parents and has proven to be quite effective when done at the right time and for a long time.

By using this technique, a gold investment that is actually classified as a short-term investment can become a long-term investment, for example in a period of 5 to 10 years.

Make gold savings

The next profitable way to invest in gold is to make gold as savings and insurance. For example, you save 1 gram of gold every month. When these savings have been collected, later you can use this gold savings as a means of payment for various needs, such as buying a car, house, expenses for Hajj, Umrah, and so on.

The price of gold which tends to rise might make it difficult for you to buy gold when the price is rising. However, you don't need to force yourself to buy gold every month because you can adjust it with the funds you have. Most importantly, you must be consistent to save gold.

One of the advantages of investing in gold is that its price rarely goes down, even if there is inflation. So, by saving gold periodically like this, you won't know inflation.

So, your savings will remain intact and even tend to increase even if there is inflation in the products we want in the future. This is because the increase in existing inflation will be covered by the price of gold when converted to gold in grams.

Used as business capital

If you want to open a business but don't have big capital, gold can be the solution. You can mortgage the gold that you have at home to get money that you can later use as business capital. Take it easy, the value of pawned gold will not make the price go down.

In order for this technique to be implemented as well as possible, you also have to understand that the gold pawning technique also has weaknesses. When the business you are running goes bankrupt, the gold that we have mortgaged can be lost or reduced. However, if your business is successful, it is not impossible to increase the amount of gold that you currently have.

Gold garden technique

Maybe not many people know about how to invest in gold on this one. The gold garden technique actually boomed in the 2010s, but this investment concept is no longer widely applied by the community. The reason is because the concept is felt to be no longer suitable.

Especially if this technique uses pawnshops, which, if calculated, the costs are quite high. There may even be no return on investment if the price of gold is falling freely, as happened in 2013.

Invest in gold by means of the Forex Trading system

The Forex Trading System is the next gold investment method that you can consider. In this method, you have to use gold as business capital or a trading deposit . So, the gold that you have will be mortgaged and used as trading capital .

Even though it is quite profitable, investing in gold in this way may be riskier, even the level of risk is very high. So, if you want to invest in gold safely, you should avoid this one technique.

Online gold investment

Too busy to go to ANTAM to buy gold? Take it easy, you can still invest in profitable gold by investing in gold online. There are many advantages of investing in gold online that you can get, including an easy, practical way, and minimal investment capital because it can start from Rp. 500.

In addition, the price of gold sold online is actually cheaper than getting it directly. This is because buying gold online doesn't need to be printed unless you really want it. 

That's a profitable way to invest in gold. Hopefully, with the information above, you will be more confident about starting to invest in gold. So, when do you want to invest in gold?