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Effect of Domain Age on SEO

Effect of Domain Age on SEO

Effect of Domain Age on SEO

GLOBAL DIGITAL TIMES | When it comes to search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO, there are many different factors that go into ranking a website/blog.

Some experts mention SEO, that backlinks and keyword density are the most common and significant among these factors.

However, there is another factor that may play a role in website ranking that is often overlooked by SEO players and webmasters, not the Domain Name but that is Domain Age .

Have you ever visited an amazingly designed, well-written website and you wondered, why haven't you landed on that website before?

Or you end up on an online shopping, service, or e-commerce site, and before you decide to spend your money, you want to know how long the site owner has been in business?

One of the easiest ways is to know the age of their site, this will help you evaluate the credibility of their service.

For example, if you visit a web hosting site to create a website.
It's a fact that the longer the web hosting provider has been in business it is usually more reliable.
Likewise, people may be interested to know the age of your website.

Does Domain Age Matter?

The direct answer to this question is Yes.
Domain age does matter for Google SEO rankings.
Among the several weighting factors considered by Google when ranking websites is the age of a domain, as domain age relates to Domain Authority.
In other words, how long the domain has existed is important .
Domain age doesn't refer to how long you've owned a particular website name, but rather how long it's been since Google first indexed the domain.

That's why many companies prefer to buy "old age domains" that have been around for a while to add a bit of Google SEO elements.

You also need to know, if a domain was registered about 10 years ago, it doesn't mean that Google thinks it's 10 years old, Google has to index it.

That is, if a domain has been registered for 10 years but has not been "optimized" (at least registered with Google webmasters), then it's the same as if you bought the domain just yesterday.

There is some debate about how the age of the domain affects your site's ability to rank better.

SEO testing and experience paints a clear picture that older domains prove to be slightly better when competing for rankings.

In fact, Google has highlighted the importance of domain age, even though Goggle still holds another card to their chest.

Let's go over what we know:
  • In determining Google rankings, domain age is an important factor and part of SEO.
  • Website/blog rankings are significantly neglected during the first few months after Google indexes them. In the first few months, it is quite difficult to get a good ranking on competitive terms. In fact, some SEO players will not like working together (eg content placement and content review services ) with a new domain.
  • According to Google, the difference between a 6 month and 12 month old domain is very small.

Effect of Domain Age on SEO

Domain age is considered as one very important factor in ranking a website by search engines.

Therefore, it is indeed important to track the age of your website hosted on the internet.

You can check the age of your domain.

You can also check the age of your competitor's domain as well as the domain you want to buy.

Older domains tend to rank best in search engines.

Mass domain name checker, bulk domain authority checker and domain age checker you can find and use for free on the internet.

For the most part, the results provided to you by the domain age checker are reliable and accurate.

Most of these tools do not require registration or installation on your website.

Google Knows Its Search Engine Is Not Perfect

Indexing all web content and displaying it in search engines regularly is not possible.

Google has indexed trillions of web pages, but has not and likely will not index every piece of content on the web.

Google also acknowledges that it cannot effectively crawl all elements of a website.

Written text is easy to crawl and index, but images, videos, and certain HTML elements are not easy to crawl and index.

There are several things that make it difficult for Google to index a website that is operated by a web owner who has no SEO knowledge, because it has removed content that is potentially critical in the eyes of Google, and their web audience.

How to Get a Free Domain / Cheap Domain

If you want to get a free or cheap domain name for your business website or personal blog, you can easily get one.

That is, in 4 ways:
  • Visit the promo page of the hosting website.
  • Follow the web hosting provider's newsletter.
  • Following social media web hosting.
  • Type the keywords "free domain" or "cheap domain" into Google.