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16 Ways to Make Money From a Blog Without Google Adsense

16 Ways to Make Money From a Blog Without Google Adsense

16 Ways to Make Money From a Blog Without Google Adsense

GLOBAL DIGITAL TIMES | Building a blog is not easy. Apart from writing, you also have to think about how to make money from blogging.

Now the question is, what exactly is the best way to achieve this dream?
We all think about the luck of professional bloggers earning high income.

How exactly do you get income? Is the only way just from Google Adsense?

What if you are rejected by Google Adsense? In the past, we all really expected the ad.

The good news is, Google Adsense is not the only way to monetize bloggers.

On the Cryptoharian blog itself, we still use Adsense, but also use ad networks and other methods.

Here are some ways to make money from a blog without going through Google Adsense.

How to Make Money from a Blog Without Adsense

1. Online Workshops and Courses

Overseas sites with a address generate most of their revenue by hosting online courses and workshops (almost USD 1 million per year) but they are not the only ones. 

There have been many bloggers who have benefited from blogging by launching online courses. 

Ramit Sethi of reportedly earns more than USD 10 million per year with his suite of premium courses. 

It should be noted that success does not only come to blogs that carry the theme of business and wealth. 

Blogs on any topic can still be monetized using workshops and online courses. 

For example, a well-known interior designer named Maria Killam has several online courses on her website catalog. 

In fact, Neil Patel chose to monetize Ubersuggest.

2. Books and E-books

There are already several writers who have used the success of their blogs as an opportunity to write books (writings). 

An example is Mark Manson, originally started with an online post entitled The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck in 2015. 

As his writings gained a lot of traffic and readers, Mark landed a book publishing contract with Harper Collins and ended up selling more than 3 million copies of the book in the US. 

Self-published books are no less successful. The most interesting blogger story to bring up is James Altucher with his book 'Choose Yourself' – which has sold more than 500 million copies.  

3. Affiliate Marketing

If you want to get passive income from blogging, one of the best ways is with affiliate marketing. 

Simply put, affiliate marketing is an activity that recommends physical products or services from other companies. If you succeed in attracting buyers, you will be given a commission.

Overseas site called smartblogger earns more than USD 100,000 per year by promoting affiliate products such as SiteGround and Elementor (their affiliate link). 

Another example is the Digital Photography School which reportedly earned over USD 500,000 in Amazon Associates Commissions for promoting photography tools. 

Currently there are many companies that offer referral programs to spread information about their products or services. Therefore the opportunity to become an affiliate marketer is also very large. 

4. Banner ads

The truth is, we all hate selling ads on personal sites and blogs. It takes about millions of visitors per year for ads from big networks to glance and work with you.

Therefore, we can think about using affiliate marketing which is much more accessible than the hassle of building visitors. 

Even so, several sites with varied niches such as; fashion, cooking and news often have a hard time monetizing with the methods discussed just now, even though they get tons of page views! 

If you encounter a case like the one above, placing some advertisements on your site is a wise choice as an additional source of income. 

Now, anyone can register on Google AdSense to earn sufficient income. If you want to expand to a more selective network later, we recommend Mediavine and AdThrive. 

Currently there are 2 types of popular ad types, they are:

  • CPC/PPC Ads : Cost per Click/Pay per Click ads are usually in the form of banners that you place on the content or blog sidebar. Every time a reader clicks on the ad, you will get a commission.
  • CPM Ads: CPM Ads or “cost per 1000 impressions' are ads that pay you a flat rate amount based on how many people see your ad. 
  • Google AdSense is indeed a well-known network for getting the types of ads above. With Adsense, you don't need to deal directly with advertisers; You only need to place an advertising banner on your site or blog.

Google will determine relevant ads according to your content, and your readers can be attracted by related ads. 

Don't forget to check out similar programs like Chitika, Infolinks and MGID available if you find that Adsense doesn't end well for you. 

5. Ad Networks (Ad Networks)

There are several ad networks that are easy and widely used by bloggers to monetize sites.

Two well-known ad networks are Google AdSense and 

You of course have to be a blog owner in order to get approval from the ad network.

They (Google AdSense and, display ads automatically based on the context of the article and the interests of your readers. 

Lots of bloggers use this method to generate recurring income.

And because the ads that are displayed are of high quality, this does not have a negative impact on the UX (user experience). 

If your blog has less than 300 views per day, there are other ad networks that you can use as a reference, such as PopAds, Propellerads and Revenue Hits. 

Nonetheless, your main goal is to get AdSense or of course. 

Ultimately, if you have tried using contextual advertising (like Adsense and others) and are not getting satisfactory results, you should try moving to direct advertising or affiliate advertising.

6. Public Speaker

If your blog is successful and successful, you will definitely be known as an influential figure in the field you are in. 

You may be surprised to see how many invitations you have to speak at some of the major conferences – and it is very profitable. 

Jon Morrow from the smartblogger site usually makes a minimum of USD 10,000 per speech and can go even higher around USD 100,000 if you count the products that were successfully sold thanks to the related speeches. 

This is certainly very interesting considering the speech is only 60 to 90 minutes long.

This means that you will also prepare materials and materials for speeches and learn how to present and create attractive slideshows. 

7. Consultation or Training

This method of getting money this time is not for everyone.

Surprisingly, providing coaching or consulting services over the phone can generate you a profitable income – even when your audience is small.

Sites like smartblogger charge USD 1000 per hour with a 6 month waiting list.

Another example is Maria Killam (interior designer), she is quite innovative by holding design consultations via photos and email. Maria provides a rate of USD 1275 per room. 

You can make these innovations in almost any field.

The only thing that matters is that you know what you're doing and provide the best value or solution for your clients. 

8. Selling Freelance Services

One extra step is taking consulting to the next level – doing it all for them by becoming a freelancer.

Usually, you can make more money selling freelance services than any other method, but it's also an activity that takes up a lot of time, energy and thought. 

There are already many bloggers who earn millions of rupiah even though their blog readers are only in the hundreds, they use blogs as the foremost mechanism for getting clients.

It is so profitable that even the most successful bloggers continue to do it.

An example is Elna Clain who sells freelance writing services on her personal blog. There are many others like Gulshan Kumar who provide freelance services to develop websites.

If you are a freelance writer, designer, photographer, programmer or have other services or skills that can be delivered digitally, you will want to consider this technique from day one of starting your business. 

In reality, launching your freelance service is not difficult. Make a page on your blog and list the services you provide. 

Make sure to include the related page link in the blog navbar and the best place for visitors to see it easily. 

Then, the second thing you need to have is just a contact list for clients to contact you. 

9. Sell Direct Advertisements

For bloggers, Adsense is indeed the best advertising program for now – but it also has limitations. The biggest limitation is the rate you get per click. 

On the other hand, if you can get direct adv, then anyone can replace Adsense units with direct ads.

If you have high blog traffic, advertisers may approach you asking where to advertise – or you may advertise yourself. 

This technique is quite profitable because apart from being free from intermediaries, you can also determine the rate that you want to be given to advertisers. 

The best way to find direct adv is to try different networks or add a new page to your blog called “Media-kit or Advertise with Us”. It aims to give you a new advertising contract. 

Selling direct advertising can be in the form of banners, buttons or links. 

You can also charge for writing articles about a sponsored product or service. 

The idea of this point is that advertisers who are interested in your blog can contact you directly and discuss advertising contracts. 

You can also use a plugin like WPAdvancedAds to manage ads.

Almost all popular blogs sell direct advertising.

10. Sponsored Reviews 

Sponsored reviews or paid reviews are a great way to increase your monthly income. 

Anyone can easily make IDR 50 to millions from a review post.

Overseas site get paid a minimum of $ 1200 for each review they make. 

Even many well-known media sites do this. Usually they sell press releases and so on.

For this, you must be honest with the review and must be transparent to the reader.

Such as telling them that the article is a sponsor.

11. Campaigns for Brands 

This campaign technique for brands is perfect for blogs that already have a strong and large audience. 

You can help brands and companies to reach their target market by running campaigns for them. 

For this, you will definitely do collaborations, webinars and even get paid to make videos or advertisements.

You must have seen some blogs do this with certain brands. 

Don't miss this method as it is one of the top ways to monetize a blog.

12. Selling Digital Products

Apart from the books and e-books that we have discussed in the previous points, you can also think about other income channels by selling digital products. 

Examples of selling products can vary from; apps, plugins, themes, images, wallpapers, videos or music that everyone can use. 

Remember if you are going to choose one of the products above, make sure the theme or nuance is relevant and useful to your readers. 

Many bloggers make the mistake of assuming they are developing a product that their readers need.

It is better to listen to your readers first, then create a digital product that can meet their needs.

13. Content Marketing for Your Personal Business

It is totally possible to sell physical products on your blog and make a profit from it. 

For this strategy, think of your blog as a marketing tool to get visitors to your other business sites.

An example is, you have another e-commerce site that sells used cellphones, so, on your blog, write articles or reviews that function as content marketing tools, which will make them want to visit your e-commerce site when they read your blog. 

14. Selling Memberships

Another option for making money blogging is to sell memberships so (those who pay) can access the exclusives on your blog. 

For example, a career blog can charge IDR 150,000 for users who want to gain access to their job board page. 

A startup business blog might sell membership to their forum where people can get personalized advice about their business.

The key here is that your exclusive membership has to be more valuable than something your visitors can find for free elsewhere, so make sure you develop something that is of value and worth the money.

Bloomberg, a leading news site in the world, uses this method.

15. Email Marketing

For blogs or sites that have a large reader base and there is a sign in or log in feature, this point will be very useful for you.

Email marketing can make you a lot of money. The important thing is to develop a large customer/visitor list.

When a visitor registers to become a member, you get their email address. 

When they join your weekly newsletter, you get their email address too.

The more ways to get someone's email address will benefit your business.

With an email list, it's easy to build a brand, recommend products, promote any events or workshops you organize. 

What's even more important with email marketing is that you can actually encourage people to keep coming back to your website.

16. Accepting Donations

One alternative way to get money from blogging is by donating. You can start accepting donations in a number of ways. 

It could be adding a Paypal Donate button or with a crypto money address like Bitcoin.

Or for a more professional look and advanced features like email marketing integration, you can use WPForms to create a donation form on your WordPress site.

Donations will be the last method on your list of ideas, because of their limited effectiveness and also because you have to rely on the generosity of your readers. 

It's usually more profitable to offer them something in return.

Important Requirements to Build a Successful Blog

Everyone wants to earn a lot of money from blogging quickly. However, you cannot immediately reach all the profit coffers if you are not willing to build your blog steadily.

This means, you should always think about developing quality content or articles. Or determine a theme/topic, target market, niche if you're just starting out. 

Study technical things such as keyword research, your market needs, SEO, buying servers and websites. These things are very important to ensure your site will get traffic and visitors. 


After our discussion about how to get money from a blog that has been proven effective by other successful bloggers. May you continue to be passionate about pursuing great dreams and goals.

Best wishes and warm greetings from us.