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10 Easiest Tips for Blogs to be Accepted by Google Adsense

10 Easiest Tips for Blogs to be Accepted by Google Adsense

10 Easiest Tips for Blogs to be Accepted by Google Adsense

GLOBAL DIGITAL TIMES | 10 Easiest Tips for Blogs to be Accepted by Google Adsense  - There are already lots of tips to be accepted by Google Adsense circulating in cyberspace. Lots of people have helped, but many are still disappointing. Google Adsense is the best answer for advertising-based website monetization. Among the many ways to monetize existing blogs, placing ads from Google Adsense (GA) is the first and most appropriate choice for various reasons.

Actually, I myself have been a GA publisher for several weeks. When I wanted to cash out the dollars I had collected via Western Union (WU), my blog was banned . When I wanted to withdraw the dollar, a PIN was sent to my home address in Medan, North Sumatra. To wait it takes from 3 days to 2 weeks, as notified by GA. So, when I made an appeal, it turned out that my GA account was still banned and I was officially no longer able to become a GA publisher..

At least my blog has been a Google Adsense publisher. From that experience, there are 10 easiest tips that I can give you so that your blog can be accepted by Google Adsense.

10 Easiest Tips for Blogs to be Accepted by Google Adsense

1. Focus on quality articles

Quality articles here mean articles that are free from copy-paste, at least 300+ in length, equipped with pictures if possible, and useful for others. Google doesn't really know whether the contents of our articles are of high quality or useful for other people, what Google clearly judges is how often the article is opened by different visitors some time after the article was published.

Make at least 20 quality articles and post them on your blog. After that, share the article on various social media and social bookmarks such as Twitter, Facebook, Lintasme, and Kaskus. People out there are always thirsty for information, so write information-rich articles so that your articles and blogs will be full of visitors. This section is the most important requirement to be accepted by Google Adsense.

2. SEO Always Matters

Tired of SEO ? Not yet! SEO is the reason by which you can get organic visitors from search engines like Google. SEO has a significant impact on your blog to be accepted by GA, also to get other online make money programs out there. SEO is often used as a benchmark for monetizing blogs, it also has an impact on Pagerank and Alexa Rank . SEO is also very important to be accepted by Google Adsense

3. Use Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics

These two tools have been provided by Google for free, why don't we use them? The two tools above have been very useful for blog development and using targeted keywords. By using these two tools, Google knows that you are the legal owner of the blog that you registered with GA. To make it even more clear that you own the blog, create a Google Authorization for your blog. Google Authorship is useful for displaying your Google+ profile photo in search engines, with your article link and photo side by side. By using these two tools, we can also more easily be accepted by Google Adsense

4. GA Only Accepts GA Publishers Aged 18+

When I registered my blog with GA, I was already 19 years old. After reading the legal rules of GA, the publisher must be at least 18 years old, maybe for some reason. It sounds funny but still you have to follow the rules. If you are not yet 18+, it is better to build your blog as well as possible so that when you are 18 years old, your blog is ready to be registered in good quality. This is a funny but very important requirement to be accepted by Google Adsense

5. Apart from the age of the owner, the age of the blog must also be considered

Many sources say that GA only accepts blogs that are at least 6 months old. My first experience, my blog is still 4 months old, starting from January 2013, it can be accepted by Google Adsense. Yes, this is my experience. However, it's a good idea to really prepare your blog as well as possible before registering with GA. If you push too hard to immediately become a GA publisher, you will end up being disappointed. This is because many bloggers are too hasty to register their blogs with GA even though their blogs are still daily, weekly or one/two months old.

Actually there's nothing wrong if you fill it with quality content, but chances are that GA doesn't believe that blogs that are still very young are capable of producing complete quality content with a large number of visitors plus lots of pageviews. The point is that it will take a long time as long as it can be accepted by Google Adsense

6. Blog Design

Remember that in addition to quality content, the appearance of the blog is also very influential for visitors. As with GA, a neat and orderly blog design is a certain requirement for our blog to become a GA publisher. Make clear menu navigation for your blog visitors. Don't place excessive advertisements in every corner of your blog, also don't install scripts that actually interfere with visitors' activities on your blog. This is one of the most important aspects to be accepted by Google Adsense

7. Carefully Read the GA Rules Before 'Applying'

Before registering your blog as a GA publisher, it's a good idea to follow every rule made by GA. There's nothing wrong with reading these rules first and correcting the mistakes on your blog if you still violate these rules. This is the most important part in order to be accepted by Google Adsense

8. Make these 4 pages in your blog menu

When registering your blog with GA, in a few days your blog will be reviewed before it is actually accepted. Make these 4 main pages in your blog then place them in the menu so that anyone who visits your blog can easily read them:

  • About : You can also make it with the name About Me or About Us if your blog is operated by several admins. The goal is for visitors and Google to know who you really are and what the actual content and purpose of this blog is.
  • Contact Me : This page aims to provide information for your visitors so they can contact you when they need help while visiting your blog. On this site Google will also know that you are the owner of this blog, just like on the Webmaster Tool.
  • Privacy Policy : This Privacy Policy is actually not confusing because you can create it with the help of this article: How to Create a Privacy Policy .
  • Disclaimer : This one aims to inform users that the results of the articles on your blog are beyond your responsibility to visitors. This page is usually used by blogs that contain information about tutorials, videos, and blogs that contain lots of original content such as manga, anime, and so on.

This section is often forgotten but is very effective in order to be accepted by Google Adsense.

9. Make sure you already have lots of visitors

I think 200+ visitors and above is enough. Blog visitors are the essence of blogging. You write for other people's need for information. And how will GA ads on your blog make money without blog visitors? Want to cheat by clicking on your own ads? I suggest not to do it because Google will definitely know the fraud and be prepared to be banned! Visitors are clearly the main aspect so that your blog can be accepted by Google Adsense

10. Complete Your Blog Development

Your blog is still half finished or Beta version? It's better not to register it at GA first because it will definitely be rejected. Prepare your blog with a minimum of 20 quality articles in it, neat menu navigation whether it's a writing category or even the 4 pages that I previously wrote in point #8. At least clean porn articles, articles that violate copyright, or anything else that violates GA policies from your blog. Also try to tidy up the error URL, it can be cleaned from the Webmaster Tool. Make sure that your blog already has 200+ visitors and above, the more the better.

One more thing, pay attention to the appearance of your blog. Is it neat and sexy? Have any developments that need to be completed? If everything is ready, then register your blog with Google Adsense. Good luck and hopefully useful!