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Age Defying Fitness by Moffat and Lewis

Age Defying Fitness by Moffat and Lewis

As you get older, that doesn't mean you don't need to do fitness exercises. In fact, you need more than ever. In this way, your body will stay in shape physically and will fight against certain health problems that the elderly are more prone to have.

If you don't believe these things, it's time for you to buy Marilyn Moffat's book and Carole Lewis entitled Age Demying Fitness. It is a good book that will open their eyes to the importance of health and physical form as people age. You can get the book of less than $ 20 in leading bookstores and online bookstores.

Age Defying Fitness by Moffat and Lewis

Different individuals have different fitness levels. With the right physiotherapist or the right doctor, you will be provided with your own specific profile and evaluation. In this way, you can determine which physical exercises are suitable for your level and age to reach the most favorable health.

The physical body changes as a person is aging, and there is no doubt about it. Many elderly people slowly realize that and most of them cannot easily accept such a fact. Changes related to the age of an individual are often induced, reversible and inevitable. It is a fact that the elderly must accept and face.

With the help of Moffat / Lewis' book, the elderly can now overcome almost all the evils, the instability and stiffness of their joint muscles. By using their self-administered tests which are very simple, you can now assess your level of physical performance according to the five vital areas. The five areas are balance, posture, flexibility, strength and endurance.

Based on the results of the tests provided, the authors can develop your personal profile. The book presents very easy stretching and strengthening exercises which are largely based on the latest clinical research. A Theraband is also included; It is a resistive strip used in certain types of exercise.

Fitness defying age is not only the typical reference book, because it encourages its readers to assume full responsibility for their physical well-being. A simple daily approach is also offered by the authors so that the reader gets better health.

Age Defying Fitness by Moffat and Lewis

The authors of the book are widely recognized in their own areas. Marilyn Moffat is a recognized international physiotherapist as a leader / professor at New York University. She was also president of APTA or the American Physical Therapy Association for six consecutive years. Currently, it is currently included in the Executive Committee of the World Physiotherapy Federation. For almost 40 years, she exercised her profession in the private sector.

Carole Lewis is also a physiotherapist and is the owner / founder of an enormous PT practice in Washington. She is a full -time professor in the Gwu geriatric department (George Washington University). Lewis also published various articles and manuals on aging.

The book is very interesting to read and the aging reader can very much appreciate all photographs and drawings. Many criticisms have given age to challenge the physical form of very high notes and they encourage other people, especially aging baby boomers, to buy the book.

The elderly will probably get a low assessment on the quizs, but if you continue to read, you may be able to pass the various tests provided on the book. Buy the book now and don't miss the chance to stay in shape in your gold years.